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Full service work: completion of all items involved in the work.

Defined all shapes and materials to run, agreed with the customer start date to work without interruption and end the work .
From the date of delivery if there is no interference in the work and will promptly pay client is as an amount agreed amount.
This service is a person who will work full-time , from beginning to end.

Important work is well done and not size is why in Ferro.exe offer the service of individual items, isolated or occasional instances at the same time cooperate with companies.

Anywhere you can implement a number of measures to save energy electricity, water, climate and so on ... to prepare a study to save the monthly bills.

We service project customized to customer needs.

Indoor and Outdoor

  • New buildings
  • Reforms
  • Restorations
  • Creating Spaces

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No commitment to transparency and confidence with the client.